Hi i'm Julian, a Designer, budding photographer, social media enthusiast, purveyor of style and general creative. With a passion for cooking and a keen eye for typography, just thought I would take some pictures, document some of the things I like & do, my work & few of my thoughts. I guess "Welcome" to my online diary...

Johan Reinhold is a Swedish indie electro-pop singer/songwriter ready to re-introduce himself with the release of ‘Shoot Me Down’, his first single from the upcoming full-length debut Beautiful Loser, metaphorically stripping himself of the old Johan only to reveal a darker, more honest and reformed self.

Once in every generation someone comes along and changes everything. Johan Reinhold is not that someone, but he met the woman once… Then there was music!

You make me levitate. You pick me up and spin me around. Why you go to demonstrate, just how you can cock back, shoot me down?