Hi i'm Julian, a Designer, budding photographer, social media enthusiast, purveyor of style and general creative. With a passion for cooking and a keen eye for typography, just thought I would take some pictures, document some of the things I like & do, my work & few of my thoughts. I guess "Welcome" to my online diary...


‘Lost Memories’ is a short film shot by Francois Ferracci a french art director. Quite simply, the film paints a picture of life in 2020 where we’re supposedly engulfed in a life of technology overload. I absolutely love the concept of this short film, it really grabs your attention and makes you think about how quick everything is evolving and how easily we move onto the next stage as far as technologyis concerned.

Written, Directed and post-produced by Francois Ferracci
Music by Alexandre fortuit
With Luka Kellou and Magali Heu