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Analog Minimalism Watch Design

Re-inventing the classics never looked more minimal. The semi-invisible watch has been designed and the creative mind behind it is a mysterious designer, named Roderick who submitted his work in Tokyoflash. What led him to the form of his final product, was his decision to simplify the stereotypical analog watch.

Roderick explains: “The hands of the watch are attached to the circumference thus enabling it to be hollow. The inner circumference rotates via a chain mechanism attached to the gear wheels present in the bottom part of the steel casing thus the hands rotate to show time.”  

Roderick’s watch, in all its minimalism, manages to include a Back-to-the-Future reference point in the dark with its neon hour pointers. But the curious fact is that, although Roderick’s work is submitted, the design is not being produced, yet.

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